On the surface, he appears to be your average southern Oregon-raised man. He’s married to a gorgeous wife, has three beautiful daughters and one son. He loves to ride his Harley, hunt, fish and ride quads on the dunes. But trust me when I say he’s far from average, especially as a mortgage lender.

Brian's wife is Genevieve. His daughters are Heather, Brianna and Courtney. His son is Bryant J.

Last year he was in the Top 1% in the nation of loan originators according to Mortgage Success Magazine. But it’s his heart that he carries into his work that really sets him apart. He is Sales Manager and Senior Loan Officer Brian Case of Guild Mortgage Company.

Get this. Brian is so legit that he talks people OUT OF refinancing their homes even though that’s one of the ways lenders make their money. He’s happy to do a cost and benefit analysis when requested for people to analyze whether or not refinancing makes sense for them. More often than not though, it just doesn’t pencil out in HIS CLIENT’S best interest so he discourages it.

“I believe if you do the right thing, the money will follow,” says Brian. Mortgage lending is more than a transaction for him. He helps people use their mortgage as a vehicle to better wealth by evaluating their current financial situation and helping them to figure out how to move through the “Four S’s” of financial status: Survival, Stability, Success and Significance.

Brian explains, “Survival is when you’re trying to figure out how to stop the bleeding. Stability is what you’re establishing when you’re buying a house…evaluating your W4s, 401Ks, savings for kids’ college funds, etc. You’ve reached Success when you have passive income streams and Significance is when you can start to consider how to use your wealth to leave some kind of legacy.”

As a lender, Brian says he hates debt, particularly what he refers to as “bad debt”…toys, cars, vacations…items that depreciate in value. He believes people should pay cash for those things, never finance them, and that real estate is one of the only smart things to finance because it is a tax favored debt. You can write it off. It’s an appreciating asset and it can be leveraged.

“The best part of my job is helping people attain the American Dream. I have traveled abroad and so I know it’s not available to everyone everywhere,” says Brian.

Let’s talk about that. This is something else that sets him apart and underscores his integrity. Brian serves on the Board of Directors for Helping Hands International, a non-profit that “Brings Help and Hope to Hurting People” around the world. Helping Hands’ goal is to share the love of God through practical hands on care using whatever means necessary: food, housing, clothing, medical needs, etc. They are committed to helping people who are victims of poverty, war, disease or natural disaster. As a result, Brian has traveled to Africa, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and locations closer to home in this effort. His other pet non-profit is Hearts with a Mission.

“What are we doing if we’re not here to make a difference,” says Brian.

Brian has been assisting people through lending in the valley for 18 years. He first got introduced to the field by a couple of friends in the business when he refinanced his first house. He started at Washington Mutual where he was in the President’s Club 12 out of the 13 years he was there. That means he was in the top 5 percent in the company. After that he was in the lending departments of Bank of America and then with Willamette Valley Bank.

What he likes about Guild is that it’s not a bank. Its sole purpose is mortgage lending. Even then, he says that Guild is just the vehicle he uses to give top service to his realtors and clients. “I work for them, not for Guild. Everyone from the person who pushes the broom to the CEO is focused on the mortgage business,” he says. Guild is the No. 1 purchase lender in Oregon and is the 9th largest privately held mortgage company in the United States.

Brian’s team is “Team Case – Helping you discover your next best move.” There are lots of moves to be made currently in this economy! He says the market is “crazy right now.” It’s time to sell because there is not enough inventory compared to buyers. If you own a home valued at $300,000 or less, it’s the perfect time to sell and move to a more valuable home because the values of the homes at the lower end have recovered faster than the more expensive homes. Also, homes in the $300,000 and lower range are selling extremely fast and interest rates are historically low which Brian thinks will be stable for the next 3-6 months.

It’s also a great time to buy a rental because rental rates are higher than mortgages. It’s cheaper to buy than to rent. This bodes well for first time home buyers as well as investors.

“When you consider how much you spend on first, last and deposit for a rental, that could be your down payment for a house and then you are investing in your own home instead of someone else’s,” says Brian.

In 1994, Brian and his wife Genevieve purchased their first home in southwest Medford for $60,000 which his mother lives in now. They have since accumulated rentals and in 2005 they built the three-story home they live in now. Why three stories? Well, originally they intended for the first floor to be an apartment for their in-laws who never moved in but it’s been put to very good use.

“We’ve had eight different sets of people who have occupied that space for one reason or another. It’s been a blessing to have it for people use when they needed it,” says Brian.

These are the kind of people I enjoy doing business with and to whom I refer clients when they are ready to buy. Nothing but the best in character and business.