So you have a new home, or you're looking to add a few new elements to the home you've lived in for years, OR you need nothing and you just can't help but leave with an incredible find once you set foot in this place. Right across the street from my favorite burger place in town, Jaspers, what appeared to be a second hand furniture shop called out to me every time I was there. I was always short on time or had to get home to the family with the burgers before they got cold...or, something. Anyway, the adorable furniture displayed in their window finally sucked me in to Redefined Furniture Co.  I think I'm in love.

They specialize in shabby chic, mid century modern and custom lacquer furniture in addition to cabinet refinishing. There do a great job scouring estate sales and auctions locally and out of town to offer choice, quality pieces. This, for instance, a mid century American Martinsville dresser set. Oh my!

And remember the "Top Trends of 2016" blog from a week or so ago? The tip about metallics being all the rage? Well, Redefined has got it covered.

Geometric shapes.  Another trend. These chairs are nothing but! And notice the metal piece in between them.

I didn't just fall in love with the goods in this store. The young couple who owns this place are the sweetest people you'd ever want to meet. Emily and Chadd Noland, high school sweethearts (North Medford High), now 24 years old and married for over a year, attribute their success to their faith. It's carried them through in the toughest of times, like when their shop went up in flames the night before a really big sale.

They were renting a home in Central Point at the time, a home that had a detached shop where Chadd could refinish and store furniture while preparing it for sale. They had been gearing up for a few weeks for the annual Barnstormer's Vintage Fair. All of their best pieces were in the shop. The night before the event they were up late getting things ready. After they went to bed, they noticed lights flickering. The shop caught fire, destroying all of their hard work. That didn't stop them though. With very little sleep, Chad madly started refinishing more furniture and salvaging what he could from the fire that morning. They made it to the Fair, against all odds, and had a successful sale.

Now, I'm a "dog person" through and through, but I have to say their "greeter" Throttle adds to the charm of this place. 

Throttle helps watch over the shop and all of its treasures, like this antique buffet:

...this chair set and purple couch (my favorite — don't judge)!

With Chad's eye and instinct for what people want, and his skill in refurbishing furniture, it's no wonder they've found success locally as well as nationally. Chad never fails to empty truckloads of goodies in major, high fashion markets when he visits them — New York, Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

We have several shops like this in the valley. Tell us about your favorite!